Gemini Magazine
Ruen watches my hips, follows bare legs,
while the congo monkey droops over branches,
his sex droops too, tired of his women
tired of killing off their young.
I follow Ruen into the jungle
relying on gestures
to break through our language
with the few words we know:
Senora, take my hand
the monkeys very lucky, eh?
muchas chicas!
He looks at me
wraps his arm around my waist
and hoists me up onto the boat.
Mucho gusto, my friend
his hand sliding down my back.
Si, mucho gusto.
Abigail Warren teaches writing, literature and
poetry at Cambridge College. Her work has
appeared in print and online, including Shemom,
the anthology 30 Poems/30 Days, and the
Smith College Poetry Center Alumnae Poets.
She received the Rosemary Thomas Poetry
Prize at Smith College.
by Abigail Warren