You Will Not Bring
Home Jesus Christ
to my house

unless it
is Jesus Christ.

No one better go near you.

Watch out for that Greek boy,

that Italian boy

that Jewish boy.

Boys look like kittens

but turn into tigers.

Don’t look at them.

Don’t stare.

Don’t go out alone.

Don’t write poetry.

Be a nurse, a teacher, a secretary,

so after you marry and your man leaves

you can start over.

                —Julene Tripp Weaver
Julene Tripp Weaver lives in Seattle
and works in HIV/AIDS Services. Her
chapbook, "Case Walking: An AIDS
Case Manager Wails Her Blues," was
published by Finishing Line Press.
Garrison Keillor featured a poem from
her book on The Writer’s Almanac.
Her poems are published in many
journals including Main Street Rag,
The Healing Muse, Knock, and
Arabesques Review.
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