Melissa Santos is a doctoral student in
the Rhetoric and Composition program at
the University of Rhode Island. She is also a
part-time faculty member at Bridgewater
State University, Massachusetts, where she
earned her MA in English in 2012. She  
enjoys writing creative nonfiction and
Leah Cunningham is a recent graduate of
SUNY Oswego with a BA in English and Creative
Writing. She now lives in Jersey, Channel
Islands, where she works as a public relations
consultant for an array of financial services firms
and is a deputy editor at Global Fund Media. Her
work has been published in the Great Lake
Review and The Release. Read her blog
"Wanderlust" at
Nancy Geibe Wasson holds degrees
in English, journalism and creative
writing. She is a past AWP fiction
mentee, writes flash fiction, and is
working on a novel. She enjoys
reading all types of literature.
Pam Pieroni is a web-based freelance writer and
editor. She holds a BS degree in Behavioral Sciences
with a minor in Elementary Education and taught
school for a number of years. Currently, Pam is
writing copy and informational articles for health
professionals and for a variety of web sites,
including and  Her First Person Essay was
selected to appear in the Westchester County, New
York edition of The Gannett Journal News. Pam also
co-edited the Fan Anthology Book CELLOGIRLS. She
enjoys writing short fiction, memoirs, and creative
Katherine Russell earned her BA in creative
writing from SUNY Geneseo. She's a double lung
transplant survivor, a cellist and a freelance
writer/editor. She has written poetry and
nonfiction about life with cystic fibrosis, and her
debut novel, Without Shame, will be available from
FB Publishing in October 2015. She maintains a
blog at
Sean Ryder recently earned a BA in
English (Professional Writing) and is
currently seeking an MA in English. He
is an independent scholar, working on
the poetry and illustrations of William
Blake. His nonfiction short story
"Ropes" appeared in the spring 2014
issue of Sleet Magazine. He writes
fiction and nonfiction.
David Bright started Gemini
Magazine in April 2009. His work can
be found in places like The Café Irreal,
flashquake, The Iconoclast, Nuvein,
TPQ Online, and 100 Word Story. He
is a graduate of UMass Boston.
C.L. Cohen: “I am the smoke which banishes
sleep in the night.”—from Frank Herbert’s novel
Dune. I have learned the world is not black and
white. It is a sparkle of multiple colors to be
embraced, not rejected. I write two blogs:
Goal-Focused Writer” and “Dystopian Reviewer”
and have finished my first novel, A Long Winter’s
Night. I read for David Bright’s Gemini Magazine
because it stimulates creativity so I continue
growing. “I am the smoke . . .” and I do say
what I think, but hopefully, one of the things I’ve
learned in life is tact.
Erin Harty is a writer and editor
living in Vancouver, WA. Erin has a B.S.
in journalism and creative writing and
enjoys writing short fiction and creative
nonfiction. You can read some of her
work on her website:
Rachel Shapiro is a freelance writer
and editor. Her work has appeared in
The Story Shack, and she was a
quarter finalist in the Amazon
Breakthrough Novel Contest. She has
a master’s degree in Creative Writing
from the University of Edinburgh, and
is currently working on a new
contemporary novel.
Jaime Wolcott earned her BA in English
from UMass Boston. Poetry has always been
one of her passions and she has been writing
since her earliest memories. She is currently a
working writer/editor living in Boston. She
hopes to start her MA next fall. Jaime interned
for Gemini as an undergraduate in 2011-2012.
We welcome her back!
Alex Rosenfeld holds a BA in creative writing
from Emory University and is currently pursuing
his MFA in fiction at Rutgers University-Camden,
where he also teaches. His work has been
published by McSweeney's, Thrillist, and others.
You can find all of Alex's work, aside from the
novel he'll eventually finish, at