Gemini Magazine
by Diana Raab
You walk down the street,
stare into eyes of others

wonder if they know
who you are, where you’ve been,

your parents’ names, the sound
of your voice, the shape

of your heart, the age
of your teeth and of your destiny.

You flatten yourself
like a cockroach
under the door’s threshold

hide behind a darkened shop window
and wait for the head-dressed man
to walk past, as you stare

and then dart out, introduce yourself
he jetties away and you keep walking

until the street signs tell you
to turn from where you came,  
because it is too late—your soul
has already been stolen.

Diana M. Raab teaches writing at the UCLA Writers’
Program and at conferences around the U.S. Her work
has appeared widely in anthologies, literary journals and
magazines. She has three poetry collections. Dear Anais:
My Life in Poems for You (2008) won the 2009 Next
Generation Indie Award and Reader Views Annual Award
for Poetry. My Muse Undresses Me (2007) is her
chapbook and her latest collection is The Guilt Gene
(2009). Her most recent book, Healing With Words: A
Writer’s Cancer Journey (2010), is a self-help memoir
which includes narrative and poetry.
Top right photo courtesy of
Rachel Raab of