by Smokey Miles
I heard in Holland they serve pot in the local saloons
in the U.S. of A. they do not—it’s in the hands of goons
some states say yea but the Feds say nay
so what kind of law rules the land?
If it’s ok today to smoke by the bay
how could they seize you and remand
you into prison for doing what’s legal?
Somebody’s goofing around
something ain’t on the level.
Even the docs are saying it’s good
but they leave it in the hands of hoods
so lawlessness reigns
will the sick live in pain?
What they gonna give to them?
They give ‘em morphine,  a drug that’s not so clean?
But they won’t nip their pain
in the bud
I wonder what you see…
I see hypocrisy
I see some strange doings
In the twenty-first century.
You know it’s one good pay off
and you can smoke out on your day off
and still not know if you’re free.
Now, Mr. George Washington was a hemp farmer
and he fathered our country too
and Tommy Jefferson was too a farmer
and who knows maybe a toker
but nobody stopped these dudes
or told ‘em it’s unconstitutional to relax and enjoy.
Even Billy Clinton had to make up some silly story
so he could get in.
And who knows about Obama but I think he said he smoked.
See, times have changed for them
but not for the goofballs who are square as the walls
and exclaim “It’s wrong to have a bong!”
How many of those red nose politicians with their
DUIs and sacred bottles of spirit water still exclaim,
“Oh fi, fi fi on the potsmoker, semper fi”
while putting their lives and others in danger on the road
and their livers explode from their vice.
Now, that’s not nice,
everybody’s got a vice
some like it
others try to kick it
but then why go and stick it
to someone who never hurt nobody?
I mean, how many deaths from the herb last year?
How many deaths from one too many beers?
Put ‘em all together and see the statistics.
Thousands gone from overindulging in the hops,
not one dead from the pot.
So let’s put two and two together
and wonder why some cry out with the facts
but the others still attack
the ones who just like to snack
on cannabis in their shacks?
Oh those lowlanders eating Colonel Sanders
and those boys with their fingers in dykes,
they know what they like
they do not need to spike
their cokes with rum.
They’re having too much fun
living in a cloud occasionally.
They say it’s good for you and me.
So let’s all put on our wooden shoes
and kick off our summertime blues
‘cause baby, that’s the news
it’s old, but a celebration
of human and mutual toleration
that ain’t asking too much
so let’s sprecken zee, sprecken zee, sprecken zee Dutch!
Bob “Smokey” Miles' new album, "Waiting
for the Hurricane," is now available on
Amazon.com and elsewhere. Miles starred in
“Dylan: Words and Music,” the only authorized
stage musical about the life of Bob Dylan. The
recent film, “7 Deadly Sins: Inside the Ecomm
Cult,” features Miles reciting his poetry. He is
featured in music videos such as Bob Dylan’s
“Must Be Santa” (as the accordion player),
Enrique Iglesias’ “Lloro Por Ti,” Jamie Foxx’s
“Extravaganza” and Slum Village’s “Tainted.”
As his alter ego, Count Smokula, Miles won
several awards, including Comedy Album of
the Year from the Los Angeles Music Awards
for “Authentic Sounds of Smokesylvania.”
Gemini Magazine
Photo by Lori Fusaro
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