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I’m fragmented

Shattered into a million tiny particles

I’m segmented

Into loaves and chunks

Which is the genuine article?

All of this or more of this?

A kiss, some bliss, a knuckled fist?

A grist, a mill, a toxic spill?

Who knows why I grows the way I do?

Do you?

I’m fragmented

Learned algebra, 34D bra

Genetic codes of zebras

History, mystery, transistory,

Chemistry, English lit and tits

All at the same time—sublime?

No, divine!

I wanna give you

A piece of my mind,

And a piece this time

Is all I can find

The other pieces are floating off into space

It’s a disgrace

Not fair that under my hair

If you would stop and stare

Are neurons there

Skipping in and out of rhyme.

You see, I’m fragmented

Like a quarter becomes nickels and dimes

Or like Don Ho’s tiny bubbles in the wine

Or like an ice cube breaking up

To float in a glass of lime

I don’t know where the time and space just went

But I’m fragmented

And now I must pay the rent.
Bob “Smokey” Miles is a
singer/songwriter, recording
artist, poet, comedian, actor,
writer and artist. His songs and
compositions have been featured
in numerous films and TV
shows. A new film, “7 Deadly
Sins: Inside the Ecomm Cult,”
stars Miles reciting his poetry.
His album, “Alien World,” was
produced by legendary
songwriter Otis Blackwell. He
has also been a comedy writer
on Premiere Radio Networks. As
his alter ego, Count Smokula,
Miles hosted “The Count
Smokula Show,” first on public
access and now on the Internet
at He won
several awards, including
Comedy Album of the Year from
the Los Angeles Music Awards
for his album, “Authentic
Sounds of Smokesylvania.” Miles
has been a dishwasher, factory
worker, high school teacher,
waiter, salesman, immigration
inspector, blues singer and
house caretaker for Bob Dylan.
He lives in Los Angeles.
Photo by Lori Fusaro