Gemini Magazine has grown rapidly since its
first issue in June 2009. We now receive
hundreds of submissions each month (fiction,
poetry, creative nonfiction, memoirs, plays,
notes—you name it!) and hold three annual
contests (poetry, short story, flash fiction), each
of which gets a thousand or more entries.

We need help from dedicated—possibly
obsessive—lovers of the written word as we
continue to grow.

You may have noticed that Gemini has no rules.
We can’t tell people what to write, what to think
or feel. Our job is to listen. Take a random look
through the pages of Gemini and you might find
yourself robbing a bank with a desperate
couple, standing trial in insect court for
murdering five thousand flies, guzzling Kahlua
with a psychiatrist, shooting up with a yuppie
junkie, raging with a Belfast teenager avenging
his sister’s murder, smoking cigarettes with a
prostitute in a dead girl’s room, or waving to a
naked lady in a bathtub on her front lawn in
Venice Beach, California.

No rules, except perhaps urgency, color,

At present these are unpaid positions. Our
readers and interns are charged with panning
for gold in the gold mine (not slush pile!) of
general submissions and contest entries. Duties
may also include proofreading.

If interested, send resume, cover letter, personal
manifesto or whatever you think is best to Readers and
interns must be at least 18 years of age.


David Bright, Editor