Gemini Magazine
This pour of copper,
molten with clouds,
melts across January,
whose platinum stokes
its great fire.

It is as this day, last year,
that we inched you down
into the coal heart
of the earth
as sun celebrated

And small clouds gathered
to watch
and learn your ways,
so they too, could go
out, in blazes.

Jean Howard is a performance poet whose
work has appeared or is forthcoming in
Harper's, Eclectica, Painted Bride Quarterly,
Quiddity Literary Journal, Rattlesnake
Review, Texas Poetry Review and many
other journals as well as her book, Dancing
In Your Mother's Skin (Tia Chucha Press).
Her award-winning video poems have aired
on PBS, cable TV and festivals across the
U.S. She helped develop the nationally
acclaimed Poetry Slam at the Green Mill in
Chicago and organized the National Poetry
Video Festival.
              (for Robert Morgan Howard)
by Jean Howard