—“Couple poses for romantic photo with lion”  
                                                         – CBS News.com

D. and C. have been identified
as the couple in the picture.

They are profiled kneeling
and kissing each other

beneath an African sky shot cerulean and still

She: short, blonde hair, windswept.
He: full arm tats, dark hair just beginning to thin

the temples.

The caption for their photo reads:
Hard work in the Kalahari sun . . . well done.

The hard work
before them on its stomach,

head fully maned and resting its chin
between massive forepaws

reaching out in the way that stiff limbs
must always reach out:

for the prey
of empty air.
by Richard Downing
Richard Downing has received the Nuclear Age
Peace Foundation’s Barbara Mandigo Kelly Peace
Poetry Prize, Writecorner Press’s Editor’s Award,
New Delta Review’s Matt Clark Prize, and Solstice
Literary Magazine’s Editor’s Award. His work
appears in such anthologies and journals as Arts &
Letters, Solstice, Dire Elegies, and Potomac
Review. He holds a PhD in English, has begun
washing his hands with great frequency, and is an
activist concerned with keeping the planet livable
for all writers of fiction.

Note: We decided not to include the "romantic"
photo of the couple with the lion because we
found it too offensive.