by Judy Crystal
Sunlight filters through the trees
Thick with end of summer leaves
Brown dog, incurious, wanders by
Bright red moped, black Mercedes
Rumble over cobblestones
Elegant street, beige limestone buildings
Mansions once, now corporations
As their bright brass plaques proclaim
One house quiet, introspective
All its signs a dull deep bronze
Names and dates, no explanation
White tiles gleam in concrete pavement
Anonymous, a screaming silence
Echo of horror down the years
Holding hands we turn the corner
Quiet morning in a prosperous city

Judy Crystal’s work has appeared in publications of the
National League of American Pen Women and Greenwich
Pen Women. She earned her AB in English from Bryn
Mawr College and is a graduate of the High School of
Music and Art in New York City. Judy lives in Connecticut
and enjoys overindulging on trips to New York for the
museums and theater.