Gemini Magazine
the bipeds have a thing
they call religion

in this they honor
an almighty unseen
they call God
this God has many forms
other names
and wars upon itself
strange to think
so many do it

it has so many shapes
but the bipeds wet the earth
and form it with their
arms and tendril hands
into a shape to worship

I have watched their
celebration of their God
as they sit before a light box
and it flickers pictures at them
some sort of penance
as they eat
burnt animals or raw
growing things
that they give thanks for
by Jim Bennett
Jim Bennett lives near Liverpool in
the UK. His most recent poetry
collections include The Man Who Tried
to Hug Clouds (Bluechrome) and
Larkhill  (Searle Publishing). He has
won several  awards for his writing
and performance, including three
DADAFest awards. He is also
managing editor of,
a comprehensive Internet site for
poets. Bennett taught Creative Writing
at the University of Liverpool.
* Ganymede: largest moon of Jupiter